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The Projector

The Projector is a metaphysical augmentation device created by Sevan to assist you in utilizing your innate powers to affect your environment. The basis of its construction and use are as follows:
It establishes a Biogeological Connection
The Projector is designed to link you with the geological tapestry of the environment around you in order to bring about change on a variety of levels.
It is a Quantum Visionary Board
The success of projection boards for accomplishing goals is well known. However, the Projector introduces a quantum or metaphysical method of accomplishing visions.
It utilizes the Laws of Resonance & Conductivity
While some may look upon such statements as fanciful, the Projector actually draws upon the laws of Physics, such as resonance, in order to function with precision.


The projector can be used for but is not excluded to:
  • Sculpt and manifest your future with perfection
  • Transform families via a non-obtrusive approach
  • Add and remove powers and forces that act upon life
  • Remotely assists others, relying on your foundation