Advanced Cryptocurrency

Proper Trading Etiquette and Form

A survey determined many first adopters to crypto who have been in the space for years still haven’t made much money. This is due to mistakes made when buying, selling, and calculating when to take profits. We will teach you the best way to trade and profit in the space.

Using Crunchbase to find the next Unicorn

Learn how to follow the trail of unknown investment firms and wealthy investors to determine what the next major project will be vs. listening to youtube and getting caught up in FOMO.

Track Patterns and Set Floors

After years of analyzing charts we will teach you how to easily spot patterns and calculate the floor increasing your ability to close trades in profit.

Token Metrics

Just because a project is popular doesn’t mean it will bring profits, learn how to calculate value based on market cap and supply.

Advance Wealthybot Configurations

Periodically super tune your Wealthybot to these settings to increase the timeframe of ROI and exponentially grow your profits.

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