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Compliance Committee Sub-DAO

In particular the Compliance Committee DAO has the following responsibilities:
  • Reviewing all proposals in the AN DAO and any-sub DAO for compliance with this Charter and overall legal compliance, providing feedback to proposal creators where appropriate.
  • Remove any proposals they deem to be non-compliant with any part of this Charter or illegal.
Legal Responsibility
The Compliance Committee members assume full legal responsibility for the approval of any illegal, unlawful, criminal or fraudulent proposal.
Decision-Making Process
The Compliance Committee DAO operates on an lazy-consensus veto basis as follows:
  • Any member of the Compliance Committee Sub-DAO may cancel or delay an action in the Main DAO or Sub-DAOs.
  • If the other members disagree with the decision, they can call a vote of the Committee using Secret Energy Voice and get the decision overturned through a simple majority vote. The losing party may choose to ragequit (leave the Sub-DAO) before the decision is enacted.
The vote’s result will be invalid if:
  • Not all Committee members vote AND the voting period has lasted less than 7 days or longer than 30 days. For clarity, if all Committee members vote, the vote will be considered valid irrespective of the duration.
  • Less than 50% of Committee members have voted.