Cosmic Clocks


The Cosmic Clock is not a watch in the traditional sense but a regulator of the energetic field that surrounds its owner. Composed of Metamaterials, Cymatics, and a balanced magnetic field the device emits a perfect resonance that is drawn from the top of the wrist into the whole body.

During the careful examination of ancient imagery containing celestial ancestors, a discovery was made. The presence of a watch-like apparatus bearing the ancient solar symbol was spotted on the wrists of deities known to travel through space and time. Inspired to push the boundaries of wearable spiritual technologies Spiritech after years of study, formulation, and research forged a replica in our foundries of this device created through in-house mastery. This device is for the exploration of those who feel called to it.


The craftmanship of the Cosmic Clock makes it a unique relic. Each clock and its peculiarities are logged in a registry for verification and authenticity and contain identification numbers. When you receive your VE there will be a black card enclosed containing a QR Code that links to its profile. You can also locate your identification number here. Access Registry

Ama-Gi Edition

While the technology of the Cosmic Clock is presented in the original design the Ama-Gi Edition is a declaration of manumission or freedom. It emits a celestial exemption from debts and obligations. Embedded into brass the glyph originates from the noun ama “mother” and the gi “return, restore, put back”, thus literally meaning “returning to mother”. This ancient Sumerian inscription has been identified as the first known written reference to the concept of being free.

Organic and Inorganic Construction

The Vector Equilibrium is an organic and inorganic construction; due to this no two VE’s are the same. There may also be minor signs of manual construction such as markings, blemishes, and scratches this is normal and not a reason to return the device. Every VE is inspected thoroughly for functionality and alignment before leaving our lab.

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