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P2E Mining Ohms

Rewards for Mindfulness

Awarding for Mindfulness

After 7 years of studying and implementing gamification into Secret Energy, we see its potential to recognize and award users for actions that help everyone. It's your time and energy that is being rewarded based on accomplishing objectives embedded within the platform.

Play and Learn to Earn

Sign Up and Earn - Every authentic Secret Energy Creator is awarded 360 Ohms when joining as our investment into their excellence.
Login and Earn - Active participation via daily logins accrues Ohms.
Share and Earn - Sharing designated Secret Energy content to authorized social networks generates Ohms.
Purchase and Earn - Purchases products from our store will earn a portion of Ohms based on purchase amounts.
Rate and Earn - Rate advisors, websites, stations, and content to receive Ohms.
Play and Earn - Leveling up in the ecosystem by reaching milestones earns additional Ohms.
Ohms Gifting - You can also be gifted Ohms by other users inspired by your expressions on live.