Key Definitions

Active Create DAOs: DAOs created using the smart contract provided by the Secret Energy Foundation, that have enacted at least 1 decision in the past month.
Create DAO: a network of WOL NFT Holders and the organizations and technology created by them to pursue the goals and live the values defined in the Secret Energy Foundation Manifesto. Including but not limited to:
  • The Secret Energy Foundation DAO, WOL NFT Holders, their affiliates, employees, contributors, licensors and service providers, and their respective officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, licensors, suppliers, parent companies, successors, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, representatives.
Secret Energy Foundation Charter: the whole of this document (“this Charter”), which consists of the human-interpreted rules of the Secret Energy Foundation and is subdivided in the following human-readable documents:
• The Secret Energy Foundation DAO Agreement: the responsibilities and rights of WOL NFT Holders.
• The Secret Energy Foundation Manifesto: the values and the mission of the Secret Energy Foundation.
• The Community Guidelines: the norms of behavior between WOL NFT Holders.
The C-GP Process: the Create DAO Governance Proposal process used by WOL NFT Holders to govern Create DAO.
Create DAO: a DAO (an open coordination protocol based on open blockchain technology) that aims to facilitate the governance of the Secret Energy Foundation tools, infrastructure and other common resources. Create DAO is governed by WOL NFT Holders according to the C-GP Process and includes one or more Sub-DAOs also bound by this Charter.
CREATE: the future native token of Create DAO
  • CREATE is used for the governance of Create DAO and other forms of participation in the Secret Energy Foundation.
Secret Energy Foundation Court: a smart contract-based dispute resolution system governed by WOL NFT Holders.
Create DAO Snapshot or SuperDAO Voting: A token-based voting client with universally verifiable results and deterministic execution.
Community Member: any WOL NFT Holder participating in the communication platforms, including Secret Energy’s Foundation Discord server, Secret Energy's Foundation Telegram group, Secret Energy Foundation Forum, Create DAO, online and offline gatherings, and/or other groups and platforms of the Secret Energy Foundation.
Financial Actions: any on-chain action that transfers, exchanges, or stakes tokens held by the Create DAO or Sub-DAOs.