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Virtual Intervention

We are living in a new age of massive transitions from the traditional way learning, entertainment, interaction, and employment have been conducted. The world's largest corporations are already working on the implementation of mixed reality platforms that will become the new vista for operation in these fields.
Stem Kids is addressing how this new reality will be adopted by challenged teens and parents in the upcoming decade to ensure there remains a fair opportunity for growth and education in these areas. Recognizing that there will be both a moral question and a technical curve, Stem Kids is already developing applications that will allow the awareness and smooth transition into these to be possible.
Children have already begun interacting in open international metaverse arenas, especially with the adoption of cross-play between big platforms like Playstation, Xbox, and PC. Games such as Minecraft and Call of Duty already have sandbox games that host millions of players. The ethical concern for parents continues to be the usefulness of these platforms beyond entertainment. Opening reward-based P2E and P2L platforms will solve this issue by combining fun with education and revenue building. Secret Energy Foundation is proud to adopt STEM Kids into its Foundation and provide grants to further its implementation. It has allocated 5% percentage to this cause.