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Facts and Figures

The Code to the Matrix, a book written by founder Sevan Bomar went viral on its second day with over 500,000 downloads!
Astral Quest had the largest spiritual library on the internet with over 20,000 books.
In the first year, The Resistance had over 1300+ blogs about spirituality, ranking #1 on Google of the keyword “the resistance.”
Sevan Bomar did Lightning in a Bottle in 2016, taking the network to another all-time high with interaction.
Spiritech has over 15000+ Specialists and 350+ Ambassadors in its Affiliate Program! The Secret Energy store carries over 120+ holistic products many of which are developed by Secret Energy.
The faction has its own school dubbed The Innerversity that is already in its 3rd Semester!
Profit Sharing!
Increasing Soul Coaching preferment!
PhiAqua is the world’s first water programming device for the consumer!
Hydrolux is the first portable molecular hydrogen water generator! There are millions of impressions throughout the internet!