We have to admit that virtual reality is a bit half-baked. As a purchaser of the original DK1, I was amongst the first to think the VR revolution would dramatically change all landscapes, it didn't. Nine years later the industry still finds itself in a battle for adoption. The final battle between what translates well in VR vs the amount of computational power required divided by the headsets price point and comfortability wages on.
However, some things do work well in VR and with the advent of the Oculus 2 untethered headset, we have an application that can ethically boost children's blockchain adoption and education in virtual reality. This is not a new idea and its foundation has taken over 20 years to create. Secret Energy in partnership with Chess and Community will be utilizing an effective program of youth engagement, accelerating it to a new technological level.
We are currently developing a VR environment for teens where they can play and learn to earn. They will engage in live debates with other teens across the globe and compete in virtual chess competitions. Our Web3 adoption will give them a wallet containing their web identity with access to their earned rewards. A portion will be staked for their future and the rest can be redeemed for products and "drip" that can be worn in the Metaverse and received IRL.
Creating a stimulating environment and real-time language to caption translation tools which allow cross-cultural engagement that bridges cultural barriers. We know that the Metaverse will be the new frontier for education and we are pioneering the implementation of blockchain technologies that solidify the financial future of our youth through technological literacy and blockchain-based financial incentives.