Spiritech or Spiritual Technologies was founded in 2012 with the aim of developing metaphysical elements, supplements, and consumer electronics for the masses. With the awareness that this current age is the one in which humanity discovers the energetic potential of their body, Spiritech will roll out to the public its ten years of research and findings. We already see a strong rise in both financial and technological development in this field. An example of "spiritual technology" is the Muse headband; a device that improves meditation while gamifying the experience via a mobile app.

Spiritech has already brought several products to market and has a roadmap to finalize development and deploy more consumer electronics into the space. Currently we are the pioneers of Cymatic Software, M1 Pure Liquid Monoatomics, Hydrolux a high PPM Portable Hydrogen Generator, and a Metaphysical Dataset paired with an A.I., creating the world's first benevolent A.I.

We currently have 3 products in our roadmap for future release. A lucid dream device, chakra maintenance and activation tool, and a water structuring and programming apparatus. These items have already been designed and have prototypes available.

Spiritech has also set its focus on IRL NFTs, seeing this market as a perfect forum to launch its newly designed "Relics". Relics are objects designed by Spiritechs with a functional artistic emphasis on high vibratory materials.

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