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Secret Energy Foundation

The Secret Energy Foundation will be the steward of CREATE Token. Secret Energy Foundation is not legally affiliated with Secret Energy or Spiritechs as a legal entity. As it states it is the launchpad that allows CREATE token holders in Create DAO the ability to scale. The Secret Energy Foundation facilitates the process of decentralized Tribe governance with an intention to become completely decentralized over time.
Its duty is to administrate and actualize the decisions of Create DAO along with the manual tasks created by proposals and suggestions by the Tribe. It also operates in the daily administrative capacity, accounting, and all other functions necessary to fulfill the projection.
The function of the Secret Energy Foundation is to architect the roadmap of Create DAO in conjunction with the Secret Energy Ecosystem with the support of the Ecosystem Fund. The fund is governed by multisig wallets that pay the expenses designated by Create DAO while also providing a transparent trustless open governance.