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Solutions for obtaining a balanced engagement and perfect growth
At this level of engagement, seekers emerge as Ambassadors of the truth they are becoming through the integration of the maxim All is Self. Ambassadors gain access to comprehensive, turnkey solutions for obtaining a balanced engagement and perfect growth in their lives, group mentorship to advance their expressions as sovereigns as well as live ongoing fellowship with other Tribe members on the path to self-actualization.
Ambassadors automatically become affiliate partners of the Secret Energy platform which positions them to purchase products at a discount and earn commissions on purchases made by anyone they refer to the Secret Energy ecosystem. By sharing affiliate links, content, product descriptions, or other information about the platform, Ambassadors generate karma-free wealth while assisting the evolution of others.
Subscription at this level requires an investment of $79/month and includes:
270+ Phase 1 – Phase 2 – Phase 3 actionables and courses unique to your specific path.
12% commissions on the total value of the transaction. 15% product discount.
Our system that uses metaphysical metrics to unlock your uniqueness via actionables deployed inside of our online native messenger.
Affiliate Partnership
Enhance your revenue stream by utilising unobtrusive marketing with over 120+ holistic elements that we market for you.
Ennealogy Certification*
Discover your uniqueness and then learn how to implement the process with others as a certified Ennealogist.
Live Mentorship Chat
Join Sevan and Tribe in the live mentorship chat vibing high with those most dedicated to co-creation.
Wholeness Access
Growing your own holistic business is now easier with access to specific Secret Energy products at wholesale price.