Guardians | Creators | Ambassadors

All resonate Tribe members that integrate with Secret Energy, The Secret Energy Foundation, and Create DAO are delegated as Guardians, Creators, or Ambassadors.

Amongst us, there are Pillars in the Tribe who have sojourned. Guardians are the chosen holders of the Relics and Artifacts i.e. The Vector Equilibrium and The Cosmic Clock with NFT registry. Our Creators and Ambassadors are custodians of the Warriors of Love NFT's. With this comes the responsibility to uphold the Manifesto and enlighten the community by filling it with purpose and creativity.

Create DAO is developing advanced interactions, software, and social tools for Web3 that will be utilized to unite humanity.

Our Tribe is a complete spectrum pioneering the necessary exploration of communal connection and regeneration. We have identified the following principles as the core ideals of our family.

1. Wholeness and Balance Vibrations

Our intention is to be complete while projecting equilibrium through our personal frequencies governed by our actions. We all remain responsible for the energy we bring to each other.

2. All is Self

This is the highest maxim. Our journey reveals the unified fiber between everything connecting a vast network of endless possibilities.

3. Sovereignty

We pursue the state of "Ama-Gi" or no debt. We recognize the necessity of generating our own powers both physical and metaphysical. We are mindful of our footprint on Earth and monitor our progress towards total sustainability.

4. Value

Value is in time and preservation. Eyes open we recognize the intricate detail and intelligence of nature and the importance of its conservation. We pledge to embed our endeavors and creations with our best intentions in order to create a priceless quality that can withstand the test of time.

5. Legacy

Infinity transcends the physical reality through the children of the world. We invent, pioneer, unite and build for them. They will continue our mission of maintaining an advanced decentralized Tribe of prosperity.

6. Honor

The strength of our foundation is dependent upon how each Tribe member upholds this Creed and Charter, not when in the presence of other members but out of sight of any eyes. Let us maintain honor and integrity around this vision made manifest.


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