Uniqueness is Rarity
Like so many, the NFT craze did not make sense to us initially, but then it clicked. We live in a world flooded with corporations dominating the creative sector monopolizing the commodification of talent. However, the ratio of artists that have access to opportunities they choose to make available is minuscule. This fuels an artist's willingness to accept the virtually prejudicial terms imposed by the industry.
Now enters the non-fungible token which is not just a way to showcase art and retain royalties but a vehicle that allows communities and Tribes with like minds to have a mechanism of inclusivity. The value of each person is their uniqueness, their core essence makes them a rarity. With this awareness, it is logical that Secret Energy, a space that cultivates originality, would create its own unique vision. We are introducing The Warriors of Love NFT's along with In-Real-Life (IRL) items into the NFT space. We will also be a launchpad for many artists creating digital assets.