We put a lot of time and intentions into continuously revising what we know to be the resonant energies coming across each day, but it is important to always remember that all of these numbers are connected, all of these days are connected. Each number is the birth of another number each day, the birth of another day. When you go into the cosmic energy tab or the cosmic energy calendar, you will see the connections to the day and more importantly you will feel it as you begin to participate in this glorious celebration; the parade that we go through every single day that the sun rises in the sky.

The chakra system does not actually align with the days of the week. When we researched this subject, we went back to ancient times and found that the reason why you won't find a correspondence is because the chakras themselves actually function within several numbers at a time. Even the root chakra is assigned to 2 different numbers. You won't find direct correspondences with the chakras but we sourced the highest level of the correspondences for every day.

Ex: Tuesday and Saturday correspond to the same chakra or the same energy coming from that chakra.

The reason why this knowledge is so important is because it builds a connection with Self.

One section that people find difficulty in resonating with is the resonate number. These are numbers that align with the day, people that are on those number paths will have a tendency to be more harmonic for that specific day. If a person was born on the 11th they would add those numbers together which would be 2, which makes them an archetype of the moon. That person would then search the calendar to find out which days they would resonate with most and could align harder tasks on those days because they know that they will be more productive.

This is not designed to put you into an hour long thought process everyday but more as a guide. The color that is listed, just try and wear that corresponding color to whatever day it is paired with.

If you live with your family, you could essentially get everyone's individual number (which is just the day they were born on) and then add them all together and you will get the overall energy that the house will be most dynamic in. If you know that energy is not propelling you in the direction you wanna go, then you find the direction you want to go and align with it. Everything you can do under the sun is in these days of the week. And all of the days of the week are in the cosmic energy calendar.

To go into detail even further if you wanted to use the Cosmic Energy Calendar, you would just go to the day. Let's just say it is Monday and you could wear a white T-shirt, eat off of a silver plate, burn some sage or cypress, play 96hz throughout the house, and drink more water throughout the day. That's just a little bit of what you could do for Monday and just by doing those things, you could change the resonance in your environment to equate the results you are looking for.

All of the items listed for that specific day will strengthen you and get you electrochemically balanced.

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