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Innerversity Semester 1

The Innerversity Semester 1 is a magnum opus for the subject of metaphysical expansion. It introduces a Blueprint that will serve as both map and guide to continuous spiritual journeys and graduated awareness.
This completely integrated occult knowledge for modern times will be instrumental for you in restoring your power and it will serve you on all levels of importance.
In this complete Quest and at an initial level, you will:
  • Have a blueprint for integrating all parts of yourself into metaphysical awareness.
  • Begin the process of applying unique restorative applications to grow.
  • Deprogram false constructs, cleanse and activate your vessel; decipher languages and symbolism, and increase your financial prosperity.
  • You will explore these specific thematics as follows: celestial mechanics, balancing one's vibratory energy, deprogramming, internal cleansing and purification, conscious economics, deciphering language and symbolism, the secrets of breathing and tantra, and mastering the cosmic blueprint.