Our expertise across disciplines will assist us in actualizing our goals. The paramount work on Self is emphasized and achieved by those who follow the Mindful Code and make up the core of our faction. Over a 12-year period, we have ingrained a unique pattern into the worldwide conscious collective. As we endure our commitment to scaling up, this will have a positive impact on the community. We will continue to introduce sustainable, harmonic offerings that are for both the connoisseur of holistic wellness and those who seek a lifestyle in mindfulness.
With a multinational and global presence unified under one expression of wholeness, we have invented a range of solutions that cater to a wealth of aspirants and gurus alike. We continue to fortify these relationships by diversifying our content and utilizing our blueprints to bring uncanny and sometimes unorthodox remedies that have profound effects.
By activating this collective Tribe with incentives, we seek to inspire all participants to make an impact in their environment. These actions, which can be monitored by sensors of validation, govern the value of our utilities and protocols.
Our Council, which consists of savants and naturals in their own respective fields, can’t ignore facts and never miss the opportunity to bend future outcomes in the favor of humanity. The challenges presented by the world’s current imbalances will be met with quantum solutions. We have enlisted the most disruptive technologies and theorems and made them an active part of our stratagem.
We do this because we have a passion to awaken the uniqueness within each Soul we interact with. Receiving the highest quality and harmonic interaction is our primary focus for those who interact with our products and applications.
With any endeavor of such a broad scope, there will be from time-to-time amendments to our Creed to ensure a healthy resonance within our members, structures, and systems. The Mindful Council takes responsibility for ensuring these codes are applied in all areas of designation. The Council also serves as a Board that any question, concern, or recommendation can be brought to.
Inner Tribe “project pillars” are assigned to every major activity we engage in to ensure the upliftment of those involved and compliance. Any breach of the Code must be reported to a Pillar or Council Member via the provisioned methods, which have been made available to ensure every Soul interacting with our faction can have confidence when indicating what may lead to greater balance for the whole. That’s innerstanding, and that’s being mindful.
Each unique member in our group who practices the Creed places direct emphasis on harmonic interactions. This means when we are engaged we work to leave a balanced impact utilizing the plethora of tools provided to balance the energetic scales. Our products, devices, and application are designed with harmonic technologies and elements that bring the body into a meta-chemical balance.
The Mindful ecosystem engages the youth and neophytes alike with mentorship through our channels of interaction. We recognize the need to promote advanced engagements, authenticate sincere interests, and promote progress. Gamified metrics are the way of the future and restore original game theory, which shows us the highest value is in that of participation. This is at the core fundamentals of a Tribe as each member has a unique value and place in the group.
Our core fundamentals center around non-judgment to gain the broadest insight and perspective on any situation while operating initially as an observer. Mindful is solution-driven and we know solutions exist before the problem. Since a problem occurs due to an imbalance, most likely created by an incorrect judgment, being aware of this at every moment places us as effective arbitrators in the most complex scenarios involving all manner of relationships and life choices.
Through our numerous ventures in advanced mental training, we have come to discover the importance of creating linguistic alternatives for expression to greater assist their probability of manifestation. We consistently apply this awareness of “word magic” in all of our “textual” expressions.
We are in an external reality that motivates and fuels its progress on combustion, so we instruct all our Mindful associates in the craft of energetic preservation to avoid manipulation. This creates a sustainable bioenergetic environment full of the potential powers needed to manifest grand visions since its conveyors remain in intentional harmony.
You have a responsibility of maintaining the harmonic balance. While every day is not the same and there are a variety of integers that can affect our temperament, we ultimately remain responsible for the energy we bring to others. Since our inception, we have been proactive about keeping our reputation and stance with the global conscious community at its highest. We insist that those who represent Us do so in tune with the effects of their actions keeping a constant awareness of reliability.
The strongest bond of unity is that of trust. It is shared by the most influential Organizations and accounts for their great success and longevity. The Mindful inner community functions on trust and all those admitted to it will be held to it and by it. The universal laws of balance vs distortion are written on the heart and need not to be detailed; any person causing infractions against their own heart is not in tune with Self and will not be given the responsibility of being mindful to others.
Mindfulness has now emerged as a $4.5 trillion dollar industry. This has brought many market savvy opportunists into the space. It is all too often that disingenuousness is confused for authenticity. We are constantly implementing awareness safeguards for people to see a future in all transparency in the matters that should be clear between parties. Our mindful approach about this, places pressure on other self-claimed competitors to clean up their act to meet the level of transaction transparency we offer.
To the best of our awareness, we do not accept directly or indirectly any advantages from other parties, not in alignment with assisting the cause of planetary expansion. We encourage the Mindful tribe and all its Affiliates and Associates to operate with the highest sense of self-integrity in their interactions, especially those pertaining to things that will directly reflect on our house.