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Soul Coaching

Becoming a pillar in the lives of others is a unique skill reserved for society's mentors who often shape the course of someone's future.
Soul Coaching is the art of guiding and assisting others to connect with their Soul, their Higher Self, find their axis mundi to become Co-Creators, Wisdom and Solution Bringer in a universe we are masters of as well as its stewards. Becoming a pillar in any society requires a level of discipline, mastery, and commitment reserved for those whose consistent support is essential for society's structure. When this unique self-mastery is cultivated in service to the lives of others, it becomes a transferrable skill set that can influence the trajectory of someone’s future. This type of tailored mentorship is designed to model, shape, and inspire the change required to sustain an uplifted society by optimising the individuated experience of its members.
Soul Coaching is a premium feature of Secret Energy’s Sovereignty Mentorship Pro subscription which gives Creators the opportunity to connect directly with a mentor whose expertise is most aligned with their interests or objectives. Creators select from a group of vetted and approved mentors who emerge from the Secret Energy platform to facilitate its practical application. Soul coaches work in tandem to ensure that Creators have access to a range of advanced healing modalities and metaphysical approaches to support their creations.