All is Self
We have heard it all before, another network token doing an ICO claiming to bring value and utility to a space mostly filled with speculation. Instead of making the trending claim of introducing the world to Web3 Metaverse tools, and let's not forget NFTs, we decided to be crystal clear and let everyone know that in this use case, we are not just saying what we can do for the blockchain but rather what blockchain technology can do for us. We are building applications and relationships that will endure.
Secret Energy is a real community and consists of a tight-knit Tribe of questers solving the biggest problems in the world, starting with ourselves. For over a decade, we have explored the far reaches of consciousness together, picking up Creators along the way. We have what most projects are missing, a real community with goals to create a circular economy for the community backed by ingenious monetary policy. We are the world's first mindful social ecosystem where conscious Creators can learn, build, and monetize their uniqueness.
Our next phase is upon us and the Secret Energy Foundation has formed Create DAO the first mindful entity emerging in the Web3 Metaverse with decentralized tools for the conscious community. It addresses the issue of an increasing lack of reliance on societies' ability to design applications that ethically represent the value of the Creators' input.
What separates this project from 80% of the new and existing projects on the blockchain is our Layer 1 applications are already complete with having over 12+ years in operation and a strong social media presence. Anyone can write whitepaper containing everything an investor would want to hear, this is similar to a Kickstarter project of a device that everyone will want. Unfortunately only 39% of crowdfunded projects deliver since their teams do not have the business, technical, and social experience to reach completion. The Secret Energy Foundation are veterans in the field of social engagement and implementation of new technologies and now we enter our Layer 2 Web3 phase as a DAO.
With over 120+ products, existing revenues, an active social ecosystem and a research and development team already deployed, the risk-reward ratio analysis is self-evident. Secret Energy Foundation aims to be the people's platform and eventual Metaverse that insulates itself against dumps, rug pulls, greediness, and dilution. It incorporates collateralization of assets such as Bitcoin and Real Estate, to keep its economy balanced with an emphasis on becoming fully circular.
Warriors of Love NFT holders will be able to participate in governance via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where they can exercise voting rights on key decisions within the Secret Energy ecosystem. The DAO's core values and framework allow vested users through ownership the voting power to determine key fundamentals of its continuous growth. The Secret Energy Tribe governs itself via the Create DAO, the decentralized governance framework that supports the Ecosystem Fund. The DAO follows a proposal process to vote on how The Ecosystem Fund will be distributed by the Secret Energy Foundation to continue its developments. Our governance guide is the framework of the proposal process. Its "flesh" will be ever-evolving elements refined by the DAO Tribes governance.
The Secret Energy Website is the big house. It contains Layer 1 of our ecosystem already operational. Various levels of participation inside of the ecosystem equate to the strengthening of the overall utilities. Secret Energy, being in operation for over a decade, currently hosts 50K+ organic users with millions of impressions across social media. We aim to bring blockchain components to Creators in mindful communities worldwide by offering empowering applications and turn key solutions for digital asset monetization and NFTs.