Create DAO Agreement

Immutable Guidelines

The guidelines in this section shall not be amended and shall apply to all proposals submitted to the Create DAO. If any other guidelines in this Agreement conflict with these immutable guidelines, the immutable guidelines shall take priority for enforcement purposes.

Proposal Compliance

i. Proposals must be governed by this Agreement or a future version of this Agreement as modified within the bounds of the Agreement.

ii. Proposals must not disproportionately benefit a majority of WOL NFT Holders voting on a proposal over the minority.

iii. WOL NFT’s held by the Main DAO and/or Sub-DAOs must not be used to influence proposals nor votes.

Mutable Guidelines

Guidelines in this section may be amended. These guidelines refer to all proposals brought forth to the Secret Energy Foundation.

Proposal Compliance

i. Proposals must be consistent with the Create DAO Agreement, Secret Energy Foundation Manifesto, The Community Guidelines, and The SEF-GP Process, and if relevant any Sub-DAO Agreements, or a revised version of these documents approved by the community (approved as defined in the Secret Energy Foundation Charter).

ii. Proposal must not contain directly, by direct link, or indirectly any non-consensual imagery, child abuse imagery, threats of violence and incitement, hate speech, bullying and harassment, sexual or human exploitation, illegal or certain regulated activities or matters, malware, spyware, or material that is owned via copyright, trademark or otherwise by someone other than one of the proposal authors (unless the use of said material is permitted by the copyright owner or otherwise protected under other legal standards).

iii. Proposals must be accompanied by an accurate English-language Justification for the proposal. The Justification must include the following information:

  1. The name(s) and/or username(s) of the author(s) of the proposal. The author(s) should be the primary point of contact for any questions or comments regarding the proposal.

  2. The author’s preferred contact method, in case anyone has questions or comments regarding the proposal.

  3. An accurate summary of the proposal in 280 characters or less.

  4. A rationale section detailing the author’s reason(s) for creating the proposal.

  5. It may also be required to include an accurate, long-form description of what the proposal will do if enacted, including the collective benefit in relation to the Secret Energy Foundation manifesto for the community around the Secret Energy Foundation.

  6. The limitations of any benefits mentioned above or otherwise unaddressed areas of the problem space or possibility space.

  7. A section acknowledging, by title and author(s), any similar or related prior work known to the proposal author(s).

iv. If the proposal amends one or more ecosystem contracts, then a security audit report of the Network contract amendment may be carried out and deemed passed (as defined in the SEF-GP Process).

v. If a proposal deploys a new Create DAO Registry contract and/or amends Secret Energy Foundation to use a new Guardians Registry, then the new Guardians Registry must use the CREATE Token as the native Guardian token.

vi. Proposals must not use Create DAO or Sub-DAOs role as a Foundation Board funds governor to transfer Create DAO Tokens staked and/or activated by Create DAO Guardians to another account outside of the Secret Energy Foundation, Create DAO or Sub-DAOs.

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