NFT Tokenomics

Current Tokenomics related to the Warriors of Love NFT.

Important Note

One of our core goals is to educate, where applicable we will explain in italics the meaning and or purpose of our choices.

Key Information

Release Date - August 22, 2022 11:00am MT, 12:00pm CT, 1:00pm EST
Total Number of NFT Tokens - 999+1 Genesis
This is a minimal supply considering the 10,000 NFT collections on the current market. This avoids dilution of rarity.
NFT Tokens withheld from sale - 322
100 of these NFTs are used for strategic partnerships and marketing. 222 of them are locked in the Create DAO vault. This increases the stature of existing NFTs in circulation.
Price per NFT token - 0.6 ETH
Token Type - ERC-721a
The most advanced contract for NFT's on Ethereum currently.
Blockchain - Ethereum
Number of Traits - 16
Number of Attributes - 53
Minimum Number of Traits - 9
Reveal Type - Instant
Smart Contract - "provided on day of mint"

100 NFT Tokens Withheld

100 WOL Hummingbirds will be withheld for all winners of the Create DAO choose your own adventure sprint and pre-selected partners and affiliates.
Warriors of Love Contest - Launching July 22, 2022 | Win WOL NFTs and a registered Vector Equilibrium
All Warriors of Love Contest Information Notifications can be found here.

20 Super Rare Legendary IRL

20 Ultra Rare Legendary WOL Hummingbirds will be contained inside the Genesis mint as the final 20 NFTs. The Genesis collection must be sold down to this level for them to unlock. Only whitelisted members who have pre-purchased or received at least 1 Hummingbird from the Genesis collection will be allowed to purchase a super-rare.
20 Registered IRL Vector Equilibriums will be shipped to those who initially hold the super-rare WOL NFTs.

222 will be held in the Create DAO Treasury*

This increase the scarcity of the collection driving more value into your certificate. If the WOL Genesis collection does not sell out ultimately, all remaining NFTs including Ultra Rare NFTs will be locked in the Create DAO treasury to be sold later.

The 1 - Aun Oracle

One Warriors of Love Hummingbird Air Tribe NFT titled Aun Oracle of the WOL Ultra Rare will be minted collection and placed on Open Sea. Its floor price will be 13 ETH. This NFT can be found at the following link #1 which will remain hidden until launch.

WOL NFT Genesis Collection Pricing

Guardian - 979 NFTs Only (0.6 ETH)
Creator - 20 Ultra Rare NFTs w/ IRL Vector Equilibrium (2 ETH)
Royalty 5%

Perks of Ownership

Create DAO Governance

Owning a WOL Genesis NFT gives you the ability to propose and vote on the future endeavors of Create DAO.


By owning WOL NFTs you are contributing to Creator and Influencer growth along with the technical and imaginative development of challenged youth.


Purchasing a WOL Genesis allows you to gain access to all future Pre-Sale events.


WOL NFT Genesis original owners will receive 500 $CREATE Tokens upon token release. These tokens will be sent to the original Ethereum address used to mint the WOL NFT.
WOL NFT Genesis Super Rare original owners will receive 1500 $CREATE Tokens upon token release. These tokens will be sent to the original Ethereum address used to mint the WOL NFT.


NFTs are great, and IRLs are even more lovely. Purchasing a WOL Genesis allows you to acquire one of 20 super-rare WOL NFTs, including an IRL Vector Equilibrium registered to you. The registry can be found here. Spiritech Device Registry

WOL NFT Genesis Collection Profit Distribution

45% Goes to the Founders and Investors
30% Goes to the DAO Treasury
15% of the first NFT sale goes to the Artist Sven Walschaerts
10% Goes to STEM Kids Non-Profit