What are OHMS?

OHMS, our utility token intrinsically tied into the Secret Energy platform and its value.

8 Years ago we were combing through documentation about user experience and it placed a lot of emphasis on awards, milestones, and value. It mentioned this all could be addressed in gamification and companies that used it, had seen major adoption because of it. It also mentioned that every user, regardless if they go or stay, has a value and it is best to extend that value to them as soon as they sign up in the form of points. Also, creating a marketplace with amazing products that can be redeemed by points would be the final goal to complete gamification.

So we set out to do that and 3 years later we have a complete implementation that awards OHMS for mindfulness and a marketplace of over 120+ amazing products to redeem them with. We continue to set up more rewards for new community integrations like live streaming, content submission, and a variety of engagements.

The OHMS token is a play-to-learn and earn protocol utilized inside of the Secret Energy Ecosystem as a measure to reward participation and interaction. All actionables are central to the interoperability and incentivization points within the platform.

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