Every project on the blockchain is eventually going to 0 unless it has a strong utility. The utility brings value to the users and in exchange allows them to support the vision. Beyond giving the ability to Play-to-Earn, Learn-to-Earn, and create Digital Assets in our marketplace such as courses the Create DAO is also developing three advanced native software applications to establish a strong use case for the CREATE token.

Text-to-Image A.I.

Illustration, creativity, and graphic design development are about to be disrupted heavily by A.I. and the reality will change. With the advent of DALLE 2 and Imagen artificial intelligence image creation models the proof that unique and aesthetically pleasing imagery can now be generated by A.I. It's clear these organizations intend to block the use of these tools for the average consumer under the guise of "ethical concerns" while allowing access, as they already have, to who they feel should be chosen to use them.

Fortunately having an artificial intelligence system that can accomplish this level of performance is now possible since some massive datasets and models are now open-source. The Foundation is already in the development of a software application to release to its Tribe and software users. We have also secured key assets such as https://text-to-image.ai and https://texttoimage.ai that will ensure our emergence into this field

Metaphysical A.I.

Fact-checking and authenticating is A.I.'s next big task. We foresee automated fact-checking A.I. being integrated into large social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Due to society risk, their data is in constant need of warnings and prompts that will indicate to the consumer the potential of a deep fake or image manipulation.

After this is implemented the Foundation sees the opportunity to go a step further and begin fact-checking historical accounts for their accuracy. This will also assist in outing rooted cultural manipulation. Metaphysical A.I. is a model that fact checks metaphysical data for its probability and accuracy. Its goal is to formulate a hypothetical model of humanity's spiritual progress. It can also be used to render data from rare accounts such as antique books, ship manifests, memoirs, and diaries.

Toroidal Economy SAAS

Toroidal Economy is a DAO Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) that allows DAO creators to utilize an ingenious method of embedding a circular economy into your community.

All software applications developed by the Foundation will offer the option to pay for usage with the CREATE token at substantial discounts against other forms of payment. This brings more utility to our Tribe and poises us for success continuing into the future. As an example: If a Text-to-Image A.I. query and output costs $1 per download from a Member's account they will be given the option to debit from their CREATE tokens and save 25% of the balance costing them $0.75.

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