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Activity Feed

Secret Energy is not just an ecosystem where you can receive knowledge about the infinite and buy products that will strengthen your internal health, it is also a place where you can connect with like-minded beings. Building a self-sustainable social network is another goal Secret Energy sets to accomplish. When you jump onto the portal of the Innerverse, you will be greeted with your Activity Feed.
We'll start left to right fully breaking down everything you can interact with.


On the left hand side there are specific groups that are designed to lead you in the direction that you are in alignment with. Whatever you find interesting or important you can join the group for that exact topic and connect with people that are on similar paths as you. You can dive into the videos on your own, with a partner, or a group. Deciphering the information and absorbing the knowledge do not have to be something you do on your own.

Activity Feed:

In the middle pane is your actual Secret Energy Feed where you can stay updated with what is going on in the cosmos with Tribe. (At the top is a livestream component where you can vibe with others that are showcasing their talents and even gift them OHMs). This space that we are in is infinite and because it is, there will always be constant reconfigurations to the interface to better the experience and make uniting with others that much easier.

Tribe Suggestions

On the far right side of your activity feed will be a place where you can connect and unite with others that are near your area. The benefit of being in a space like Secret Energy is that we know how difficult it is to find someone that can reciprocate your energy.
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