Specialist Training

Precise preparations for eventual enrollment into Sovereignty Mentorship. This course is loaded with love from your Tribe!

Specialist Training is offered at no charge as a “service to humanity.” Seekers gain a fundamental appreciation of metaphysics and esoteric teachings to facilitate deprogramming and set a firm foundation for long-term spiritual growth and inner standing. This is where the concept of Tribe germinates in the Secret Energy ecosystem as the essentials for minimal output and optimal impact are integrated.

The Scope of this Course

  1. How to access your dashboard with more affiliate resources.

  2. Realize how financial currency and your internal energetic system connect.

  3. Make money by learning unobtrusive online sales techniques and social media management.

  4. Gain the confidence and means to join Sovereignty Mentorship and Ennealogy.

  5. Specific course content includes: the conscious entrepreneur, wealthybot and cryptocurrency, the automated wealth system, metaphysical resources, creating a projector.

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