This tutorial will walk you through the many different components of building, deploying, and selling a non-fungible contract on Ethereum's testnet that can be traded on Secret Energy.

The tutorial assumes you have some familiarity with coding, but are brand new to the world of Web3 and smart contracts. We will be using the following dependencies in the tutorial:

These tools constitute only some of the current community favorites so we will be using them to encourage best practices. There are many great alternatives to these tools that can also be used, and we are always open to feedback on better practices and improvements.

As we dive into new concepts in this tutorial, we will review definitions that might be new to you coming into Web3 and offer guidance on how to provide the best user experience possible for users of your smart contract. By the end of the tutorial, you will have a deployed NFT contract on the Rinkeby network, a beautifully set up collection on Secret Energy, and some NFTs within that collection ready to sell on Secret Energy.

The completed code can be viewed over on our Github repository

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