What is Create DAO?

The way something continues to grow and improve long after its originators can remain in the capacity to do so. It should be known to the reader that the origins of the DAO structure is the legal framework implemented to protect the indigenous people where enforced. Create DAO and its Web3 gateway is the apparatus to publish, review, and vote on proposals. Create DAO Warriors of Love NFT holders will go through a Web3 wallet identification process to engage with the interface. Create DAO is launching a governance Tribe through a proposal process.

Create DAO Proposal Types and Rules of Governance

Create DAO will be automating several content approval systems with user-based voting through governance.
Example: Directories are to contain all up-to-date qualified entries without dilution. User's submissions should be rewarded based on approval of submitted content. Approval should take place through a voting system. Micro rewards should be given for casting votes. Additional autonomous points include but are not limited to:
  • Content Submission
  • Spiritual Advisors Submission
  • Conscious Channel Submission
  • Ecosystem Fund Utilization
Our governance guide is the framework of the proposal process. Its "flesh" will be ever-evolving elements refined by the Create DAO Tribes governance.