Sevan Bomar is a multidisciplinary serial entrepreneur and founder of Spiritech. Author of the Code to the Matrix and lead developer at Secret Energy he is constantly engaged in creating technologies and applications for advancing human transformation.
Sevan designed and deployed the worlds first conscious social network ecosystem while becoming a now seasoned motivational speaker with hundreds of speeches and courses that blend the complex laws of metaphysics with daily life. Armed with a universal blueprint and an unwavering passion to unlock the uniqueness in others, he is driven by the metamorphosis witnessed in those that have applied his teachings, mentorship, and experience to their lives.
Born in Detroit to a family of nine brothers and sisters he was forced to grow up fast and overcome traumatic shortcomings and stereotypes. Always leading with a keen sense of creativity and an ability to absorb the knowledge of often unrelated subjects, he achieved a variety of accolades in the field of technological and spiritual development. Remaining lighthearted no matter the gravitas of the subject, his maxim remains "All is Self" and insists that the journey here continues infinitely until we realize this.