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Who We Are

Around the world, millions have come to know our creations which have increased their belief and awareness of Self. Through this organic connection, lives have been enhanced. We have manifested a strong web presence of spiritual networks, conscious media, holistic supplements, metaphysical courses, mindful electronics, digital assets, and conscious partnerships.
Making advanced metaphysical knowledge and mindful applications modernized and accessible to the world.
Those words embody the core of our faction. Since the Seeker themselves are the central character in the theme, we create intrinsic experiences catered to enacting their higher awareness. What we have received in response is pure loyalty, gratitude, and connection. With these treasures, we have created an incentivized conscious ecosystem where your participation is the highest value.
Mindful places the highest emphasis on becoming a sustainable and sovereign entity. As we continue to expand, we recognize the energetic mismanagement caused by both the economic and business structures of our time. Mindfulness introduces a new approach that is symbiotic and productive. We have proven that metaphysical empowerment creates world changes and we have set these major milestones.
All Mindful operations and facilities will function sustainably on renewable energy and they will utilize our incentivized ecosystem for Co-Creators.
We will expand our efforts to bring metaphysical awareness to the largest cultures of the world in their language with the most effective style of learning. We will herald the continued awareness and happiness of the human family, strengthen its roots, and increase its innate value.
Mindful is married to its purpose as it defines its culture through intelligence both logical and gnostic. We are tuned into our surroundings and this makes us sensitive to its needs and synchronistic with our productions. Our keys to remaining in tune with the highest truth are rooted in these principles.
The gateway to the children are the parents. Our efforts, which include Open Source Spirituality, have engaged the frontline of spiritual, mental, and physical education to create a balanced home and family.
Reinforcing a reward-based system, a toxin-free diet, and a careful look at traditional vs modern medical practices, we challenge our audience of families to set a new trend that features healthy living and awakened households fortified against opportunists.
We continue to scale up our collaborations with NGOs such as Chess & Community to bring the spirit of ingenious pioneering to every fold and crevice in reality, especially when children are involved.
Secret Energy and Spiritech are at the forefront of advanced applications for the metaphysical health field. Its R & D is extensive as it continues to invent, manufacture, and distribute components that accelerate awareness and trailblaze the field of advanced spiritual technologies.
The Secret Energy brand is already in effect with products such as Secret Energy Monatomics, Secret Energy Salve, Secret Energy Regeneration Creme, and Secret Energy Salts. These special formulas equipped with medical analysis are already in constant demand due to their organic nature, effective formulas, and high-quality ingredients.
Since our humble beginnings, all networks remain fortified with an emphasis on the internal versus the external. This centers around examining water, supplements, food, exercise, emotional stability, and all forms of intake to create and sustain a harmonic way of life.
Mindful uses metrics such as Human Design, Life Paths, and systems that explore individual uniqueness to align its Co-Creators metaphysically when engaging in projects; thus allowing them to reach their greatest potential together.
All our projects are built with energetic properties in mind as we intend to maintain balance throughout the life of our endeavors. Remaining conscious about the temperament and condition of the invisible forces is a major key to the success of our ventures. Water and Air are amongst the most powerful elements yet they are virtually invisible.
The Mindful headquarters and conjoining facilities are currently based in Costa Rica as we all converge and connect with the power of nature which fortifies and regenerates our Tribe and gives them organic connection and strength. This environment lends itself to the future forward projections of a hyper startup.
The Sovereignty 2020 plan evokes liberation and demands that we continue to increase our efforts in achieving zero dependencies on the centralized banking and power structure. It will accomplish this by joining the DAO with trustless utilities and incentivized protocols.
PhiAqua, the world’s first water programmer, is our advent into cleaner healthier water practices. Our inventions advance the world awareness about the wonders of water and its mostly unknown applications.
We remain vigilant in the cause of uniting colors, species, and creeds through the clear proofs gained while experiencing heightened self-awareness through a variety of physical and non-physical stimulus.
Our products, services, and brands are carefully curated by our Mindful Quality Control to ensure ethical development and uniformity throughout the lifespan of the venture.
We have solidified the future rights to premium harvests and supplies of ingredients such as Parental Grade Magnesium, and Shilajit of the highest quality, which make up the core base for our future formulas.
Our ecosystem is designed to engage the maximum potential of its participants by synthesizing them together and merging their efforts into the Mindful commune, a returning to the higher Self.
When an ideology put through the paces is placed in black and white, the intentions become clear. We take full responsibility for our actions and look to create and maintain all engagements at their highest standard. All power and force gained by our faction are distributed into the lives we touch which effects the environment around them.
The basis to our organic grid is the realization that harmonics means to have a position throughout the spectrum. As we synchronize with more Seekers, Specialists, Ambassadors, and Creators, the Creed serves to unite us in the cause of interaction, engagement, and cultivation.
We are in a world that is constantly expanding its expressions. Many actions are new and still in the test phase of their overall impact on the species. Because of this, we learn to be flexible, however, in our core foundation, we stand on our principles and morals. Placing emphasis on integrity is key since this is all about Self-governance. Integrity is the action of bringing your greatest capacity into every moment regardless of who is in observance.
The construction of greatness remains in the solidity of its foundation and the perfection of its trusses. Mindful Co is a strong ally in the ventures it chooses to join, its confirmation of participation ensures its partners will gain leverage in all fields seen and unseen.
Knowing where you come from is key to seeing the impressive growth made. Interacting with the worldwide community opens the opportunity for bridging through collaboration. Mindful engages inner-city social development and maintains a presence and connection with the world family. Our ecosystem has a 9%-12% profit allocation for humanitarian efforts.
Mindful was born from the incubator of a futuristic Spiritualist, it has never sought to conform or fit the general consensus. Through the tireless distribution of revelations about the true Self, it has gained popularity and recognition. Having a broader awareness and higher vibe is a trending phenomenon, and more companies are entering this arena—a space that we have already mapped and mastered. The tribe is a unique blend and is designed with the gift of knowing how to cause a 360° expansion. We are confident the gifts we have to disperse into the future will be amongst the most pioneering for metaphysical growth.
Utilizing the most advanced systems of analytics, marketing, and communication such as Zendesk, Beamer, CoSchedule and others, our technical savviness and nimble way of maneuvering allows us to navigate all the markets quickly while entering and exiting fields that boost commerce with speed and accuracy.
Our conscious social networks create a communication hub inhabited by a wide range of Seekers all lending their experiences and wisdom to one another. This has created a greater awareness around healthy holistic living. The Innerversity instructs on energetic management, dietary regulations, and metaphysical training. It introduces an entire culture and regimen to follow as a virtual mentor that gives insight to the most hidden aspects of existence. This empowers, removes demoralization, and instills reason and meaning to life.
We are the pioneers of a new era not by declaration but by action. The wise measure of each individual should not be used as a form of judgment but as a metric to complement the acceleration of their greatness. Hindering a human being by sending them a notion of inequality is the old paradigm. Mindfulness means we work to propel equal strength across lines of diversity while honoring the uniqueness of each part of the whole.
As our children draw forth substance from Terra, we honor our women who are a reflection of her magnitude. Mindfulness is balancing the struggle of the Divine Feminine and welcoming her as the vitality of a healthy, abundant community.
Our plan to reach incentivized gamification is rooted in opening an avenue of resources for those who find themselves challenged by the current options presented by 3D matrix employment. This effort rewards self-expansion, and self-expression. It also engages the user which gives them purpose, reason, goals, allies, and fresh interaction.
Mindful plans are in effect and involve short-term and long-term projections. Our overall efforts reduce the strain on the inhabitants of Earth and unify them under common interests which are infinite. Bringing that intention into physical reality means creating a micro model that is fully functional. This is a prime undertaking of mindfulness, to raise the vibration of all in proximity. With this in mind, our endeavors involve building a commune that functions with the same precision as a healthy body. These modules are completely symbiotic, operating as “powerhouses.” In these spaces, we enter Industries mentally, physically, and as spiritually erect strongholds.
I place emphasis on our range of disciplines which include but are not limited to: Alchemical Mastery, Aesthetic Disciplines, Animation & Theatrics, Advanced Grammatical, and Technical Engineering to name a few. This means that Industries that have thus far captivated humanity can be entered into and disrupted for a gradual release of their consumers, held as hostages due to these industries' monopoly on trends, namely—virtual reality and augmented reality, child entertainment and education, clothing, mindful electronics, and overall lifestyle materials.
Through these actions, our open source blueprint will be perfected. This diagram will be utilized by all Mindful communities worldwide to create fortified ecosystems in key locations. These initiatives are embodied within the Temple Legacy, fully operational nodes linking the organic grid and closing the gap of synchronicity. Temple Nodes function as touch points for energetic upliftment. They are constantly maintained by earnest honorings, gratitude, song, ceremony, and Spiritech harmonic field technologies.