Any WOL NFT Holders can create a draft Proposal in the approved Secret Energy Foundation Discord Channel.

Any Sub-DAO may remove a scheduled proposal at any time (e.g. Veto right) should they have the power to do so as per their operating agreement and as per this Charter.

All proposals must comply with the Requirements for Proposals & the specific format and process for the type of proposal as follows:

The Requirements for Proposals

Important: It must be proposable i.e. a proposal must be within the parameters of what can currently be approved to be voted on. Currently, matters pertaining to forming councils, the Soul Coach Council SCC, the Digitial Asset Council DAC, Approving Soul Coaches, Approving Digital Assets, and Technical Development Strategies TDS are being considered in submissions.

  • Public deliberation: all proposals must be shared during the public deliberation phase in the Secret Energy Foundation Discord Server, unless these services are unavailable.

  • Voting period: the vote on Create DAO Snapshot or SuperDAO platform must be at least 7 days.

  • Scheduling: once approved, proposals are automatically scheduled for execution 5 days after the end of the vote.

  • Collateral: the proposer must put 1 WOL NFT as collateral during the voting period. This collateral might be slashed if the proposal is challenged in the Secret Energy Foundation Board and ruled to violate any provision of this Charter.

Types of Proposals

Financial Proposals: any type of financial transfer of any asset that has a monetary value from the Main DAO or any Sub-DAO.

Elections Proposals: any type of proposal that gives/removes wallet permissions from the Sub-DAOs

Other Proposals: any other type of proposal (including Meta-governance Proposals, code submissions, parameter changes, etc).

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