CREATE Token NFT Airdrop Claim

A CREATE Token airdrop will be allocated to all purchasers of Warriors of Love NFT and/or IRL assets for the designated period. The tokens can be claimed when available.

NFT or IRLSE Token Allocated Per NFT or IRL

Hummingbird People

"500" tokens

Artifact IRL

"500" tokens

Cosmic Clock IRL

"500" tokens

3% of the total CREATE Token supply allocated to Warriors of Love NFT and IRL holders will be transferred to a smart contract. Ownership of the contract will be transferred via multisig wallet and it will be responsible for the following actions:

  • beginning the Warriors of Love NFT CREATE token claim period

  • ending the claim period 120 days after the launch

  • taking ownership of all unclaimed CREATE tokens at the end of the claim period

  • transferring these unclaimed tokens to the designated custody wallets that are a part of the Ecosystem Fund

The airdrop tokens can only be claimed once and cannot be claimed after the designated claiming period of 120 days after launch.

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