What is Secret Energy?

The First Conscious Social Network
Secret Energy is the first online social experience that rewards mindful Creators and Influencers for self-cultivation, skill building, participation, and digital asset development. This encourages a social behavior that is productive to the influencer's growth, mental wellbeing, and overall productivity. Social networks have been designed to consume hours of the user's time without a self-sustainable reward. Secret Energy's conscious ecosystem is a multidisciplinary approach aimed at enabling its Creators with the quantum solutions and technologies that allow them to progress on their path towards Sovereignty. Every feature in the platform is engineered to maximize the Creators' potential based on goals indicated by our system of metaphysical metrics. The network is designed for both user input and output. This means Creators experiencing a shortage of crucial resources to fulfill their journey can earn or learn those elements inside the ecosystem. In addition, Creators who have valuable resources can distribute their assets for personal growth and that of other Creators. Our goal is to empower the Co-Creator to:
  1. 1.
    Unlock and deploy their uniqueness, defined also as what they enjoy doing naturally that is seen as having value to the whole.
  2. 2.
    Find like-minded and like-hearted co-Creators to generate the necessary experiences and interactions that produce transformation.
  3. 3.
    Learn the universal laws that govern all forces and re-establish a healthy relationship with the elements of the Earth and subsequent systems.
The Secret Energy conscious ecosystem can achieve the following goals with an array of spiritual and metaphysical technologies developed and integrated over the 12-year span of its history. The ecosystem has several components many of which are incentivized with OHMS, our native gamification protocol, for reward and accountability.