Friday | Allegiant | 6

Colors: Turquoise, Green, Pink
Metal and Crystal: Copper, Malachite
Herbs: Palo Santo, Benzoin, Rose
Planet and Chakra: Venus, Heart
Territory and Direction: Plains, Southeast
Frequency and Number: 480hz, Six
Dosha and Ruling Sign: Kapha, Libra
Anatomy: Semen, Reproductive System, Eyes, Throat, Chine, Cheeks, Kidneys
Resonate Numbers: 4, 5, 8
Karmic Lesson: Discipline
Mood: Mystic Utopian
Symbolism: Mirror, Torch, Shells
Symbol: Heptagram
Archetype: Daughter of Heaven, The Concealed One
Instrument: Guitar, Castanets, Tambourine, Zills, Falling Water, Sitar
Zoomorph: Dove, Rabbit, Dolphin, Cat, Tortoise, Mermaid, Seal
Trees & Plants: Apple Tree, Cherry, Elder, Fig, rose, Vervain, Strawberry, Hyacinth, Hibiscus, Beech
Incense: Benzoin, Sandlewood, Cardamom, Vertiver, Licorice, Geranium, Storax
Minerals: Emerald, Malachite, Jade, Amazonite, Sand Stone, Sea Salt
Characteristics: Beauty and vitality exudes from this joyous being with force through the synthesis of music, dancing, and harmony. Familiar to love and money, and all artistic forms that influence the sphere of the natural world.
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